Dermapen Infuse

The Dermapen Infuse is now a huge bonus to those clinics that decide to utilise this optional device. By using the Dermapen Infuse with TattOff Technology, clinics are able to access treatment procedures such as “All Color Tattoo Removal” and the “Controlled Delivery of active Meso-Solutions”. These two functions will allow a fantastic ROI and will provide further revenue streams to your practice.


  • Controlled delivery

    The ability to control the delivery any type of water based Meso Solution in incrementals of 0.01ml per/second.

  • Precision

    To deliver both DP Dermaceuticals protocol Meso-Serums as well as fluids such a PRP, controlled directly to the treatment area around the needles.

  • Flexibility

    Meso-Serums can be supported in syringe sizes from 1cc to 50cc syringes.

  • Reliable

    The Dermapen Infuse delivers the TattOff Activator Serum in a continuous reliable flow to enable unparalleled fluid delivery.

  • Safe

    All Color Tattoo removal without using a laser.

A True 3 in 1 business tool to be able to deliver superior treatments for your patients

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