Dermapen Inject

A revolutionary platform of aesthetic functionality, only Dermapen Inject™ combines multi-inject technology with concentrated carboxytherapy and fractional micro-needling. Delivering up to 300 injections per minute, Dermapen Inject provides PRP in a presto, masterful mesotherapy, effervescent carbon dioxide and CIT all from the one appliance.

With 7 patents and a multi-drug delivery system, the innovative Intelligence Vacuum System (IVS™) offers the peak of design precision. Only Dermapen Inject promotes pain-free procedures and 0% percentage drug loss.

The Dermapen Inject is a 3 in 1 Platform that enables practitioners to perform a wide array of treatment indications. Features of Carboxy Co2 Therapy, Meso-Injection of fluids through the needle with the injection gun and integration of the world renowned Dermapen 3 & Dermapen 4 for microneedling treatments.

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With over 2 million treatments carried out worldwide - you deserve the best


Thousands of doctors endorse this world-leading technology which helps you look younger quickly, without side-effects or downtime.